The company offers you over 20 years of experience in management consulting. 

Main fields are:

  • costs control and optimization
  • budgeting and cash flow prediction
  • internal processes review and optimization
  • reporting structure and efficiency review
  • S&OP process optimization or development
  • supply chain efficiency improved

The company's innovative approach to any activities, everyday development, and process optimization gives a possibility to bring our customers' companies to a new level of performance, reporting, and cost-efficiency. Our service based on the idea - LEARN from the PAST, PLAN for the FUTURE. The only question is to you - ARE YOU READY FOR DEVELOPMENT? 


Individual analytic solutions development:

- Data-to-SHOW (DTS) - combine and present data

- Data-to-THINK (DTT) - combine, unite, and compare data

- Data-to-ACT (DTA) - combine, unite, compare, and warning data

- Data-to-Predict (DTP) - combine, unite, compare, clean/filling, S&OP data

Our idea-driven service - TRANSPATRENT and CLEAR analytic solution for EXCELLENT results. You always will have access to coding, understand an analyzing process and may adjust predictive analytics models. Many peoples de-evaluate easy solutions because predict pure results. In most cases, peoples actions based on prejudices that cheap and easy cannot be useful, or stinky pays twice. Our company may broke this once and for all.

Competitive ADVANTAGES and POSSIBILITIES of easy programming:

  • All analytic tools will be developed for the software you have already bought - NO ADDITIONAL INVESTMENT NEEDED.
  • Easy developed for testing before expensive real implementation into main CRM.


Competitive Advantages of EXTERNAL Analytics:

  • You pay only for jobs you really needed - NO FIXING costs because good analytics costs a lot.
  • Independent, "out of the box" view to your business - you may receive an IDEA you never thought about.

 We communicate in English, Russian and Latvian languages.

I believe that WE can make a significant contribution to YOUR companies.


We are working with the following programs:






Papyrus AB

Elpis (Latvia), Elpis (Ukraine)

Volkswagen Group Future Center Europe GmbH